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About TWI
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About TWI and TWI Technology Centre (Wales)

TWI is one of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, with expertise in solving problems in all aspects of manufacturing, fabrication and whole-life integrity management technologies. Established at Great Abington, Cambridge, UK in 1946 and with facilities across the globe, the company has a first-class reputation for service through its teams of internationally respected consultants, scientists, engineers and support staff. The company employs more than 900 staff, serving 700 Member companies across 4500 sites in 80 countries. TWI also houses a professional institution, The Welding Institute, with a separate membership of over 6000 individuals, and a training school delivering internationally recognised courses and examinations in non-destructive  testing (NDT), welding inspection and other allied disciplines.

TWI Technology Centre (Wales) specialises in the development and application of state-of-the-art NDT methods. Through applied research and development in response to requests for assistance from Member companies, it provides real-world solutions to inspection challenges across a broad range of industries.

The Advanced Engineering Materials Research Institute (AEMRI), a specialist division of the TWI group, is based at TWI Technology Centre (Wales). AEMRI builds on TWI’s existing track record of leading cutting-edge industrial research in NDT through EU-funded projects and is supporting dynamic sectors including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and nuclear and renewable energy.