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Modelling and simulation of high-performance materials and structures

Modelling and simulation of high-performance materials and structures

AEMRI recognises that the advancement of high-performance materials including carbon fibre composites, additive manufacturing, exotic alloys and advanced ceramics – often adopted as critical components in high-value assets – brings with it the need for increasingly complex modelling and simulation tools. 

Modelling and simulation provide the foundations for many industrial manufacturing processes, and enable the challenges of asset lifecycle management to be addressed during the early design phase. The advantages give industries in sectors including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and nuclear and renewable energy, greater confidence in the structural integrity of designs as materials and manufacturing processes advance. 

AEMRI will propose the application tools for structural analysis, including complex numerical simulation followed by fatigue analysis, fracture mechanics analysis and subsequent modelling/simulation of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) solutions. It becomes easier to determine and optimise parameters for inspection without requiring access to the physical component or structure and creates financial and technical advantages, particularly in the early stages when designs only exist as CAD files.

High-level simulation development at AEMRI will cover:

  • advanced ultrasound including phased array and full matrix capture (wave propagation and flaw response)
  • multi-physics simulation of laser ultrasound inspection of fusion processes at elevated temperatures (phased array ultrasonic testing, laser ultrasonic testing, finite element analysis)
  • complex structural wave emission (acoustic emission)
  • structural integrity in high-performance structures (advanced software)
  • advanced radiographic processes (X-ray computed tomography).