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Nuclear fabrication research and validation

Nuclear fabrication research and validation

Working with the nuclear industry to deliver process knowledge and system solutions in specialist joining and welding, non-destructive testing (NDT) and materials testing techniques.

AEMRI aims to develop a Nuclear Fabrication Research Centre (NFRC) as an independent specialist resource at TWI Wales to support the nuclear supply chain in the delivery of skills and knowledge. It will meet a clear need in sustaining and enhancing capability in the UK nuclear engineering industry and in positioning companies in readiness to compete for, and benefit from, the national and global investment in new-build, next generation power stations. 

NFRC will offer a targeted development programme for industry, from research covering welding technology, materials, structural integrity and nuclear fabrication as well as inspection techniques for nuclear fabrication, to through-life maintenance schemes to ensure the safe operation of nuclear plant. The result will be a well-informed agile supply chain where the risks of supply disruptions are mitigated by pooling resources with the full support of NFRC. 

Focus areas will cover:

  • modelling and simulation
    • radiographic modelling
    • ultrasonic modelling
  • development of automated and remote maintenance systems
  • development of NDT and condition monitoring systems
    • samples
    • technique development
    • condition monitoring
    • proof of concept
    • demonstrations on full-size mock-up.